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Benefits of network video surveillance

How can network video surveillance benefit your business?
Here, we outline some of the advantages.

Remote access

Monitor live video, wherever you are

Network video provides an easy way to capture and distribute high quality video over any kind of IP network or the Internet. Using this type of system, shopkeepers, store managers and security experts can access surveillance footage, at any time, from any computer.

Remote access is especially convenient for geographically dispersed retail chains since a number of stores can be monitored simultaneously. There’s no need to travel between stores, nor to task local staff with security video monitoring on site.

Surveillance images can be stored at a separate location for additional security, and the data can be sent over the LAN or Internet later if needed.

Receive images where it’s convenient for you

Network video gives you a high degree of flexibility. Basically, wherever it is possible to receive a phone call on your cell phone, you can also receive images from a network video solution. That’s because network video products are not tied to physical inputs or frame grabbers. They can be connected to a LAN, xDSL, modem, wireless adapter or cell phone.