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AllGoVision is an advanced Video Analytics Solution with multiple applications for Safety and Security in Retail Sector. The Video Analytics solution takes video feed either from VMS or directly from camera, analyses the video content to provide situational alerts on real-time basis. The early intimation helps the security personnel take necessary actions proactively and avoid potential mishaps. While the application monitors for any rule violation it takes care of privacy masking (blurring) needs. AllGoVision provides 3 types of blurring: Face Masking, Body Masking, Offline Masking of Video exported as evidence.


Foxstream has introduced a new function in the FoxVigi suite: blurring.
Some retailers need their customer’s privacy to be safeguarded: FoxVigi can blur either people’s face only, or their full body.
The video can also be seen without any blur with specific authorization.


Respecting legal requirements around customer as well as employee privacy is crucial for IP video installations in retail. The powerful NETAVIS platform for Security and Business offers professional IP video management and advanced video analytics, and features many solutions to meet those standards. Among these are archive and live stream access according to the 4-eye principle (login e.g. only together with workers' council), archive encryption or camera, server and client connections encryption. Additionally, the optional NETAVIS video analytics modules provide their video analytics data without limitations while an optional and dynamic privacy mask can cover the video streams. NETAVIS Face Detection distinguishes faces in video streams and provides age group and gender estimation for demographic customer segmentation, while NETAVIS iCAT NPR provides license plate recognition for access control as well as geographical customer segmentation. People Counting provides highly accurate, bidirectional customer frequency monitoring. The optional sMart Data Warehouse connects all video analytics data in the company with data from other applications and visualizes them as intuitive charts and statistics, even with the Dynamic Privacy Mask or without recording or viewing any actual video streams. We are happy to discuss the individual requirements of your project.