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General building surveillance

From armed robbery to insurance scams, from casual vandalism to organized shoplifting, all premises face numerous challenges. Whether the threat comes from outside or inside, video surveillance enables to you deter and detect vandalism and other undesirable behavior.
Network video extends the capabilities of traditional analogue surveillance systems, with intelligent digital processing that enables you to monitor the security of multiple locations - even a nationwide chain - conveniently from a single location.

A.I. Tech

A.I. Tech develops intelligent video analytics running both edge (on board of AXIS cameras) and server side (for Linux based operating systems) for the retail and the security vertical markets. AI-SECURITY is the bundle of the intelligent video analytics functions by A.I. Tech dedicated to the security market for the detection of persons crossing virtual lines or entering sterile zones (AI-INTRUSION module), for the abandoned/removed object detection (AI-LOST module), and the recognition of suspicious behaviours, due to persons walking or remaining stationary for a long time in the scene (AI-LOITERING module). Data gathered over time can be presented to the user through AI-DASH, the dashboard provided by A.I. Tech which allows to visualize the alarms generated by the different devices, together with the sequence of images associated to each alarm. AI-DASH is available as a web application to be installed in the user's site or in the cloud. The data collected in AI-DASH can be also accessed through AI-Dash-mobile, available for mobile devices Android e iOS. Furthermore, AI-SECURITY can be easily integrated with any third-party Video Management System through an open HTTP API.


The NETAVIS platform for Security and Business offers professional IP video management for central and remote monitoring of unlimited subsidiaries. While NETAVIS Observer covers all requirements of an open and flexible video management platform, NETAVIS iCAT Video Analytics modules improve the quality of surveillance significantly. Refining alarms and notifications by including parameters like object size, stopping time or wrong way detection results in much higher hit rates and fewer false alarms. Optional solutions for staff security, sabotage detection and perimeter security as well as event- and alarm management via SNMP, Active Directory Support and the integration of various physical security applications illustrate the technological advance of NETAVIS. NETAVIS technology is highly compliant with standard IT, retail applications and privacy requirements. High performance as well as the easy reuse of existing CCTV infrastructure allow for low hardware investment costs. The manipulation-safe export files of video streams are widely accepted as evidence by the police and the courts. The optional sMart Data Warehouse connects all video analytics data in the company with data from other applications and visualizes them as intuitive charts and statistics. With these solutions for improved business operations and sales, NETAVIS is committed to provide additional business value. Future-proof scalability and unrivalled adaptability to retail requirements and customer needs make NETAVIS the best choice for retail. We are happy to discuss the individual requirements of your project.