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License plate recognition

License plate recognition (LPR, also known as 'automatic number plate recognition', ANPR) enables you to keep track of where and when vehicles are on your premises.
High-quality video images make it possible to identify individual vehicles through their license plates. Many LPR systems also link that information with images of the driver to provide a uniquely comprehensive record of every vehicle and visitor.
Network video offers powerful and convenient real-time LPR solutions that are easily scalable and can be integrated with other surveillance systems.


Whether you have mobile patrols or secured areas that need vehicle access control, Axxon's Enterprise integrated License Plate Recognition module is the answer. The system recognizes and logs car license plates - even on vehicles moving at up to 150 kph (90 mph) - and compares them with a database of numbers.
It also logs all vehicles that pass through a specified zone, records an image of the car and plate, and notes the date, registration time, and direction of each vehicle. For automated parking lots, the License Plate Recognition module saves money and provides even more features. You can identify owners, collect payments, and increase security automatically.


exacqVision VMS client-server solutions are scalable from single camera to thousand-camera systems. Real-time and recorded video can be viewed, managed and configured from any location on the network via a simple browser interface.
The open architecture software not only ensures interoperability with IP cameras, servers and storage systems from well-known manufacturers, but also simplifies integration with LPR systems. In addition, exacqVision gives you total control over access plus detailed LPR records of vehicle entry and exit.


Foxstream’s FoxVigi software includes an automatic number plate detection and recognition module.
FoxVigi’s Licence Plate solution (ANPR) has been developed to meet the needs for automatic vehicle identification. This information is often used for car park access controls, to recognize authorized vehicles.
FoxVigi reads the license plate numbers and characters and compares them to a pre-established standard plate. Each plate entered in the database is either ‘authorized’ or ‘unauthorized’.
The system works independently of the vehicle’s nationality, providing that the characters are western characters (no Arabic or Cyrillic characters recognized for instance).
Foxstream recommends the use of the AXIS P1346 Network Camera for this system.


Genetec's AutoVu license plate recognition system is an easily integrated part of the company's Security Center unified security platform. Innovative AutoVu is easy to install and operate, and collects vehicle plate data smoothly, reliably and automatically.
With applications ranging from many models of parking enforcement and revenue control to security, AutoVu can protect or increase revenues while saving you time and minimizing the use of resources. As a mobile solution, AutoVu reads plates and compares them with selected databases, raising alerts for vehicles of interest.


ipConfigure's License Plate Recognition (LPR) software has been rigorously tested on both moving and stationary vehicles to ensure quick and easy detection of license plate characters. Utilizing the Axis P1346 network camera, ipConfigure's License Plate Recognition software accurately captures license plates at speeds up to 40 mph (65 kph) from distances up to 120 feet (36 m).
The software was developed by the company's own in-house specialists. This control over development enables ipConfigure to offer customers better support and improved needs-based functionality, including color and IR imaging and powerful watch lists.


Milestone's XProtect™ products are the industry's leading open platform IP video management solutions. XProtect products act as the core of your surveillance system, connecting all the hardware of your choice for an optimal, integrated solution.
XProtect is offered in tiers as packaged solutions scaled to different business needs, ranging from single-server XProtect Essential to XProtect Corporate, for unlimited cameras, users and sites. Systems can capture license plate data continuously for immediate or subsequent identification, with real-time alerts and convenient search facilities.


Using surveillance technologies such as megapixel resolution, infrared and thermal, the Video Analytics built into Mirasys Carbon VMS analyzes images in all kinds of conditions. It is therefore possible to use video surveillance day and night, in fog and in rain. Mirasys Carbon VMS has open interfaces that make it easy to integrate with other systems. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) enables rapid and reliable access control over entering and exiting vehicles. It combines with data from other sensors to give security staff an excellent overview of the situation and enable them to respond in the best way.


NETAVIS solutions for number plate recognition in floating traffic or slow and stopped vehicles provide automatic detection of license plates of over 60 countries. They can be combined with motion detection as well as integrated with external systems such as barriers or transponder chip solutions. Additionally, the simple NPR list management enables a broad set of applications, and combined with the rule administration and graphical I/O device administration, setting up systems for use in vehicle entry, parking, and free flow scenarios as well as vehicle access management become remarkably easy. Upon request, the number plate recognition data is processed in NETAVIS sMart Data Warehouse and combined with relevant contextual information like sales data or weather information. Periodical PDF reports and sMart Dashboards are catering to individual requirements and provide user specific overviews at a glance, enabling geographic customer segmentation as well as improved target marketing. For additional security measures, all NPR solutions are embedded in the open video management platform NETAVIS Observer. We are happy to discuss the individual requirements of your project.


The SeeTec LPR Module augments your SeeTec video management solution with a powerful, fully integrated software solution for the automatic recognition of number plates. The SeeTec LPR Module can handle and distinguish plates from many different countries - including number plates with Cyrillic or Arabic characters. For ease of use, the SeeTec LPR Module functions with any IP camera integrated in SeeTec. Special analog shutter cameras are also supported via video encoders.
With the LPR Module running on one server, you can control up to eight lanes depending on the speed, traffic volume and trigger type. A range of management features such as organizing number plates in lists and an electronic ticket-handling system complete the solution.